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The outbreak has forced CPMA agencies to shut their offices for the duration and work remotely. We think all have done this. The crisis has created very difficult conditions for agencies and performers, as work opportunities have been closed down. The CPMA is sending our agencies all available advice and help for small businesses, particularly the advice from Co-operatives UK.
The crisis also means we've had to postpone this year's Seminar with Casting Directors, an advice meeting on Tax and other events, until it becomes safe to do so. Details will go on the website when they are finalised.

The Co-operative Personal Management Association works to promote and protect the interests of its member co-operative acting agencies located throughout the UK. Founded in 2002 and backed by Equity, the CPMA seeks to raise the profile of co-operative acting agencies with employers and actors and to represent the interests of co-ops with external bodies.

The CPMA also works with its members to identify and assist with the particular concerns of co-ops, to encourage good business practice, to develop training skills and opportunities and to act as an advocate for co-operative working.

The CPMA has a Code of Conduct which our member agencies are expected to observe:

  1. CPMA Member Co-ops
    are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the law, and to abide by the regulations governing entertainment agencies, as laid down by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) (www.gov.uk/employment-agencies-and-businesses/overview)
  2. Accounts
    Member co-ops shall keep accounts and must make annual returns to the financial authorities, where appropriate. These accounts and books should be open to their own members.
  3. Contracts
    Member co-ops should aim to work within those professional structures, frameworks and contracts and guidelines that are laid down and formulated by regulatory bodies within the industry, such as Equity.
  4. Casting
    All submissions from member co-ops should be reasonable, intelligent and always take into account the basic requirements as stated in breakdowns from casting directors and theatre companies.
  5. Professional Conduct
    Member co-ops' contacts and relationships with other agencies and organisations within the industry must be conducted in such a way that the reputation and professional integrity of co-operative working as a whole and of the CPMA in particular is not brought into disrepute.
  6. Members of Co-op agencies
    Should have appropriate training and professional development.
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