Past and future events

Future Events

Some Past Events

Casting Directors

Since 2003 we have held an annual Seminar with Casting Directors or Directors/Producers, free of charge to our membership, often chaired by Equity General Secretary Christine Payne. Amongst our past panellists were Derek Barnes, Suzy Korel, Sooki McShane, Joyce Nettles, Debbie O'Brien, Carl Proctor, Jill Trevellick, VHJ Casting, Toby Whale, Jeremy Zimmerman, Alastair Coomer , Lou Clouter, Tree Petts, Annie Rowe, Jane Deitch, Ros Hubbard, Jane Frisby, Danielle Tarento, Michael Cox, Belinda Norcliffe, Matt Selby, Helena Palmer and Neil Rutherford.

Questions and Answers Session

On September 20th, 2016, we held a meeting with Equity's dedicated Organiser for Low Pay / No Pay work, Emmanuel de Lange, who brought our members up to date with Equity's significant progress in this area.

Questions and Answers Session

We’ve held several sessions with Equity staff to discuss aspects to Union Agreements and contracts at Spotlight and Guild House. We had a very good turnout for a particularly important session with Tim Gale (Commercials Organiser), who brought us up-to-date with the current situation in this field and answered our questions.

Free Advice Seminar on Co-operative Representation

On Wed 13th March 2013 we worked with The Actors Guild in offering a 'Free Advice Seminar on Co-operative Representation'. The event was a 2 hour Forum and Q&A Panel held at Spotlight, where we explained our role and the role of Co-operative Agents throughout the UK.

CPMA 10th birthday party

At the CPMA 10th birthday party on June 31st 2012 at the CAA the Chair, Corinna Marlowe read this message from our founder and first secretary, Kim Gillespie, formerly of Central Line.


“Given the many failed attempts at working together prior to the setting up of the CPMA, it is testimony to the role the association plays in raising professional standards and the high status it enjoys in the industry as a whole that it has now been in existence for 10 years.

We set the association up to counter the perception (and sometimes the reality) of flaky working practices.

This is not an ultimate goal but a continuing mission, one that demands all the professional development events that the association can organise and the robust intervention and representation at industrial forums.

I know the association will be around to celebrate many more anniversaries - it has to be, I'm coming back at some point! Nice website by the way.
Cheers, Kimx


She also paid tribute to the second Secretary, Robin Middleton, and the current Secretary, Janet Behan, and the Treasurer Denise Kennedy. She said the organisation had been through some bad times, with only a few rather mature activists, but that recently new people had come forward including some splendidly dynamic young women who had helped a great deal, for example with the website and with this event.

She thanked all the committee members and specially Nim Johnson and Helen Kennedy for their work on the great new website, the Perfect Party planners - Rosalie Jorda, Patsy Blower, Mariesa Clarke and Sara Bahadori – (who also found our web-master, Darren Berry for us) and all who had given their time to come to business meetings.

Martin Brown, Equity Assistant General Secretary and BBC Casting Director Derek Barnes attended as well as members of 13 co-ops.