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1. What is an actors' co-op?

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2. How does it work?

Co-op agencies operate in much the same way as conventional agents. They

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3. What is the commitment?

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4. Why an actors' co-op as opposed to a conventional agent?

A co-op has many advantages.

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5. Are there drawbacks?

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6. How do I know if it's a good co-op?

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7. Is it right for you?

It's not right for everybody. You need

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8. How do I join?

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9. Running a co-op

The Legal Status of Co-operatives

The CPMA is not a regulatory body, but our members must abide by our Code of Conduct (see Home page), which mentions laws and regulations which cover employment agencies. A CPMA member is expected to be a bona-fide co-op business - owned and controlled by its members, who have an equal say in how the business is run, based on one member, one vote.

Co-operatives UK (the umbrella body for all co-operative businesses) has important information on the legal status of co-operatives, the pros and cons of incorporation and other matters. Visit

Government Regulations on Agencies

In 2002 we had lengthy and complex discussions with the Department of Trade and Industry (now Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), when new regulations came in which outlawed upfront joining fees and were meant to control rogue agents who exploit would-be stars. We were concerned how they would affect co-ops' hitherto frequent practice of asking new members for a joining fee. A resume of the relevant sections was written after consultation with Equity and the CPMA, which took our concerns into account. Please note the following sections in the Regulations governing all entertainment agencies.docx

We strongly recommend that co-ops refer to The Guidance on the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.

The legislation is at

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Visit Equity - The UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners
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