About the Co-operative Personal Management Association

Who we are

We are an umbrella organisation founded in 2002 by a group of actors from co-ops and backed by Equity. Our sole aim is to promote and support co-operative actors' agencies, encouraging them to join the CPMA in order to help raise our profile and standing within the industry, and the profile and standards of co-op agencies in general.

What we do

We represent members' professional interests and provide consistent support and advice by regularly putting members' views and issues to industry institutions such as Equity, Spotlight and the PMA (Personal Managers' Association).

We have taken part with Equity and the PMA in suggesting improvements to the Spotlight Link, by improving the way breakdowns are presented, clarifying issues such as payment information.

We also have regular input into the development of Equity agreements and are consulted by Equity on industry issues. The CPMA is also represented on major working parties about future plans in different areas of employment with Equity and the PMA, and has a nominee on the board of British Equity Collecting Society (BECS).

In addition, we act as an advocate for co-operative working by making inputs to trade publications as appropriate, promoting the benefits of co-op agencies to eg Drama Students, and working with Co-Ops Uk to raise awareness of our work within the Co-operative Movement.

Training and Seminars - Our Proactive events

As well as responding to members' concerns, the CPMA also works with its members to encourage good business practice and to develop training skills and opportunities

We hold regular members-only seminars with casting directors and several members' forums, exchanging views on issues particular to co-ops. We have also organised training sessions run by Equity on the development and use of their agreements.

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